Composable Applications
in a Connected World

Create flexible and adaptable applications designed to seamlessly integrate and interact within a connected ecosystem

A new paradigm to deliver Software Defined Services

Universal Connectivity

We help enterprises connect their devices to a private network, enabling seamless integration across Wired, Wi-Fi, and LTE/5G technologies

Composable Applications

We excel in Edge Computing, offering a user-friendly platform with drag-and-drop simplicity to quickly build industry-specific Edge applications

Automated Operations

Our AI-driven controller streamlines operations with a single pane of glass, enhancing visibility and efficiency, ultimately reducing costs

A Few of Our
Customers & Partners

We’ve supported organizations around the world optimizing their 5G IoT strategy

Your trusted partner in unleashing data value through Innovative Private Wireless Solutions

We’re dedicated to integrating physical and virtual worlds with sensor fusion, AI, and wireless connectivity, while prioritizing autonomy. Our patented framework caters to Industry 4.0’s wireless connectivity and application demands, offering software-defined private wireless solutions. This streamlined approach minimizes costs, reduces effort, and expedites deployment, ensuring efficient and cost-effective connectivity solutions for businesses.

What is the
HyperBlox Framework?

The HyperBlox Framework is a development and deployment methodology that empowers users of any programming backgrounds to easily create IoT and sensor-fusion applications. By automating IoT solutions using AI/ML algorithms, we enable users to streamline their processes, reduce complexity, and achieve tailored solutions aligned with their unique business needs. With a core focus on universal connectivity, our framework ensures effortless deployment of these solutions across private networks, offering users unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Development Framework

App Builder

The HyperBlox App Builder creates custom apps within a low-code environment to design, automate, and optimize your use cases.

AI Integration

We enhance apps with AI/ML modules and pre-built workflows for advanced data analytics and autonomous decision making


We certify and release new apps to your marketplace to enable you to deliver applications at scale.

Deployment Framework

Any Infrastructure

We provide seamless orchestration across all infrastructures (Bare-metal, VMs, Containers) and locations (on-premise, Edge, Cloud)


Our SaaS-based lifecycle management simplifies operations and improves observability resulting in faster time- to-service outputs.


We provide infrastructure independent environments to run your apps in any location (on-premise, edge, cloud) in conjunction with your needs

Dedicated to
Vertical Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, high-speed, low-latency connectivity is crucial for businesses across different industries. With the emergence of 5G technology promising enhanced performance and reliability, we’re here to assist you with tailored solutions for your specific IoT requirements, regardless of your industry vertical


5G applications can improve agriculture by enabling real-time monitoring of crops, livestock, and environmental conditions, leading to optimized farming practices and increased yields.


5G applications can enhance healthcare by enabling real-time remote patient monitoring, telemedicine consultations, and rapid transmission of medical data, thereby improving access to healthcare services and patient outcomes.


5G applications can benefit the logistics industry by enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments, enhancing supply chain visibility, efficiency, and responsiveness.


5G applications can improve the manufacturing vertical by supporting the adoption of smart factories and industrial automation, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes, predictive maintenance, and seamless integration of IoT devices.


5G applications can benefit the military by enabling secure and reliable communication, enhanced situational awareness, and the deployment of advanced battlefield technologies for improved operational effectiveness.

Smart Cities

5G applications can improve smart cities by facilitating real-time data exchange, enabling efficient traffic management, smart energy distribution, and enhanced public services for a sustainable and connected urban environment.

HyperBlox's Five-Step Approach to IoT and Sensor-Fusion Application Development

At HyperBlox, we’ve crafted a comprehensive five-step approach to guide you through the development, validation, deployment, integration, and scaling of IoT and sensor-fusion applications.

Design Your Vision

The journey begins with HyperBlox’s App Builder, where you can bring your IoT and sensor-fusion applications to life. Our intuitive platform allows you to design, model, and visualize your use case in a sandbox environment. With expert guidance and powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll transform your vision into reality with ease.

Validate: Ensure Reliability

Next, leverage the automation capabilities within HyperBlox’s App Builder to deploy your application in a test environment. Utilize synthetic data generation to validate your application’s performance and functionality. Through iterative development and validation cycles, you’ll fine-tune your application to meet the highest standards of reliability and usability.

Run: Deploy and Connect

Prepare your infrastructure and deploy your application in a live environment with confidence. Connect your IoT devices over a robust 5G network and start collecting and analyzing data in real-time. HyperBlox’s built-in views enable you to visualize and analyze your data effortlessly, gaining valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Integrate: Enhance with AI/ML

Take your applications to the next level by integrating them with our AI/ML pipeline, seamlessly supported within our development and deployment framework. This integration empowers your applications with autonomous decision-making capabilities, leveraging advanced algorithms to analyze and understand your data. Our AI/ML models continuously learn and evolve within the framework, ensuring your applications stay ahead of the curve.

Scale: Expand Your Reach

As your deployment footprint grows, HyperBlox makes scaling effortless. Easily support millions of devices connected across multiple locations with our centralized Controller approach. Simplify IoT operations, streamline user interactions, and enhance data analytics at massive scale, all from a single pane of glass. With HyperBlox, scaling your IoT and sensor-fusion applications has never been easier.


Embark on your IoT journey with confidence, knowing that HyperBlox is by your side every step of the way. Our five-step approach empowers you to develop, validate, deploy, integrate, and scale your applications with ease, unlocking new possibilities and driving success in the digital age.

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