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Our Framework for Modernization

06. Smart Cities

05. Agriculture

04. Military

01. Manufacturing

02. Healthcare

03. Logistics


Smart Cities
• Security Management
• Smart Traffic management


• Greenhouse automation
• Smart farming


• Drone Swarms
• Threat monitoring


• Warehouse management
• Real-time tracking


• Remote monitoring
• Smarter medication


• Factory Automation
• Digital Twins

What is the
HyperBlox Framework?

The HyperBlox Framework is a development and deployment methodology that empowers users of any programming backgrounds to easily create IoT and sensor-fusion applications. By automating IoT solutions using AI/ML algorithms, we enable users to streamline their processes, reduce complexity, and achieve tailored solutions aligned with their unique business needs. With a core focus on universal connectivity, our framework ensures effortless deployment of these solutions across private networks, offering users unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Development Framework

App Builder

The HyperBlox App Builder creates custom apps within a low-code environment to design, automate, and optimize your use cases.

AI Integration

We enhance apps with AI/ML modules and pre-built workflows for advanced data analytics and autonomous decision making


We certify and release new apps to your marketplace to enable you to deliver applications at scale.

Deployment Framework

Any Infrastructure

We provide seamless orchestration across all infrastructures (Bare-metal, VMs, Containers) and locations (on-premise, Edge, Cloud)


Our SaaS-based lifecycle management simplifies operations and improves observability resulting in faster time- to-service outputs.


We provide infrastructure independent environments to run your apps in any location (on-premise, edge, cloud) in conjunction with your needs

What Makes
HyperBlox Different ?

Our Modernized Development & Deployment Framework

The HyperBlox solution helps you build applications using an agile, repeatable and reliable low-code model-driven- development methodology in a few weeks. The HyperBlox App Builder simplifies the user experience and optimizes applications for Edge deployment.

Connectivity Suite

Off-the-shelf Network Functions for universal connectivity across Wired and Wireless (5G/LTE/Wi-Fi) access.

Application Suite

Custom-built Edge applications for solving business critical problems in the IoT and Sensor-fusion domains.

AI/ML Integration

Rapid implementation with off-the- shelf AI modules or custom-built AI services tailored to customer needs.

Our Single ClickSolution

HyperBlox streamlines delivery of connectivity and application services through a single-click interface, providing a secure and scalable delivery model. Powered by AI-driven automation, our deployment framework simplifies operations, fostering innovation agility, and delivering significant cost savings for businesses.

Why Do You Need

HyperBlox enables you to leverage connectivity and application services with a single click in a secure and scalable delivery model.

Accelerate your time-to-market
Simplify your solution delivery process
Boost your agility to bring enhancements
Enhance your operational efficiency

Our Vision for Democratized Development & Deployment

We make software development and deployment accessible to a broader audience, beyond just skilled developers or IT professionals. It involves providing tools, platforms, and methodologies that enable individuals with varying levels of technical expertise to participate in the creation and deployment of software solutions. This approach aims to empower a wider range of stakeholders, such as business users, analysts, and domain experts, to contribute to the development process, thereby democratizing access to technology and fostering innovation.

How We Work

We work with you based on your unique role and responsibilities. We typically are aligned to the telecom operators, service providers, system integrators, hyperscalers, enterprise verticals, and developers across the marketplace.

time by



HyperBlox partners with your team to create custom applications designed to meet your unique needs

effort by



HyperBlox simplifies your deployment to any infrastructure and location across a secure connectivity network.

costs by



HyperBlox combines monitoring into a single AI-optimized dashboard, consolidating network performance, application availability, and user experience for streamlined management

A Few of Our
Customers & Partners

We’ve supported organizations around the world optimizing their 5G IoT strategy

Our Innovation Across Process and Operations

At HyperBlox, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We start by refining the development processes and then optimize operations to drive sustained growth for your business. By focusing on process efficiency and operational excellence, we aim to revolutionize cost, effort, and time savings for our customers.

Process efficiency

Process efficiency is a scaling and continual focus with our partners and customers. Our model-driven development is custom- scoped to your needs for quick custom B2B solutions. Being able to respond quickly to changes in customer needs is essential to improve business outcomes.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is critical in bringing improvements to attain a competitive edge. Our framework for developing and delivering 5G IoT solutions can create value by bringing complete operational visibility, assuring application performance, and maximizing employee productivity.

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