Unlock Seamless Monitoring with HyperBlox Controller

HyperBlox Controller stands as your beacon of control, offering an AI-optimized single pane of glass to consolidate monitoring needs for network performance, application availability, and digital experience. With a centralized dashboard that ensures comprehensive observability and control, we guarantee a seamless end-to-end lifecycle management for your network and application services deployed at the Edge. Here’s what sets HyperBlox Controller apart

1.Identity & Access Management

HyperBlox Controller guarantees secure access through robust role-based access control, enabling administrators to efficiently manage user access. With fine-grained permissions, administrators can effortlessly oversee user roles and permissions, ensuring that critical resources are accessible only to authorized personnel.

2. Network & Application Control

Remotely orchestrate, configure, and monitor applications across different Runtime environments with HyperBlox Controller. From deployment to optimization, our platform provides centralized control over network and application services, enabling seamless management and configuration changes across your entire infrastructure.

3. Multi-tenancy

HyperBlox Controller provides individualized workspaces for each tenant, establishing a secure environment for managing their deployed private 5G IoT solutions. With multi-tenancy support, organizations can guarantee data isolation and privacy, while also granting tenants the autonomy to independently manage their applications.

4.Closed-loop Control

Maximize efficiency and reliability by harnessing the closed-loop control capabilities of HyperBlox Controller. Utilize AI Ops and AI-assisted problem identification and resolution to preemptively detect and resolve issues before they affect performance. With closed-loop control, organizations can minimize downtime, optimize resource utilization, and elevate the overall stability of their network and application services.

5. Open APIs

HyperBlox Controller offers open APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems and tools. Remove data silos and enable custom automations by integrating HyperBlox Controller with your existing infrastructure. With open APIs, organizations can leverage the full potential of their data and streamline operations across their entire ecosystem.

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