Innovative framework to develop, deploy, and manage

Private 5G Solutions

Leading the Revolution in
Industry 4.0

HyperBlox’s Builder, Runtime, and Controller form the cornerstone of our pioneering approach to private 5G solutions for Industry 4.0. By providing an innovative framework that addresses the unique connectivity and application needs of modern industries, HyperBlox is driving the revolution in efficiency, and innovation.

HyperBlox Builder

HyperBlox Builder revolutionizes application development with its low-code environment and drag-and-drop simplicity, enabling users of all skill levels to create Enterprise apps quickly and efficiently. At HyperBlox, we already leverage the power of Builder to craft standard Blueprints for our Connectivity and Application Suite.

HyperBlox Runtime

HyperBlox Runtime provides a reliable and consistent Edge environment, offering a unified model for running 5G Connectivity and IoT Applications to deliver scalable solutions. With HyperBlox Runtime, full processing occurs at the edge without the need to connect to remote servers. Learn how HyperBlox Runtime empowers organizations to harness the potential of Edge Computing.

HyperBlox Controller

HyperBlox Controller provides an AI-optimized single pane of glass to consolidate monitoring needs for network performance, application availability and user experience. A centralized dashboard delivers complete observability to monitor health and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the network and application services deployed at the Edge… The Controller features include:

Experience the HyperBlox Advantage

Join the ranks of enterprises that trust HyperBlox Builder to streamline application development and drive innovation. Experience the HyperBlox advantage and unleash the full potential of your enterprise with our intuitive, powerful, and versatile application development environment.

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